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Quality documentation solutions for SMSFs

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Super Concepts offers a comprehensive suite of documentation services that provide flexible, compliant solutions for your SMSF including Fund Establishment, Trust Deed Upgrade, Restructure and Borrowing Arrangement services.

The Services we provide



Fund establishment Our Fund Establishment Kit includes everything you need to get your SMSF up and running:

  • Comprehensive and highly flexible SMSF Trust Deed
  • Member packs (including application forms, pro-forma Product Disclosure Statements and binding death nomination forms) and
  • Relevant letters, minutes & templates (including a sample fund investment strategy)
Corporate trustee incorporation We can facilitate the incorporation of a company to act as trustee of your SMSF, or as holding trustee for your SMSF Borrowing Arrangement.
Trust deed upgrade Ensure your trust deed remains up to date and complies with all current superannuation legislation. Our Upgrade Kit includes
  • all relevant letters, minutes and templates
  • the latest Trust Deed
SMSF Borrowing Arrangement – Property only A fully integrated, flexible and comprehensive SMSF borrowing arrangement documentation service which includes
  • Written resolutions to establish the arrangement and appoint the Holding Trustee
  • Holding Trust Deed (Bare Trust)
  • Detailed information pack, including guidelines for conveyancers
  • Stamping pack
  • Lease pack
  • Loan agreement and mortgage documentation (related party loans)
  • Step by step completion instructions
SMSF Borrowing Arrangement – Non property For borrowing arrangement documentation other than for property
Fund restructure Any changes to your fund (e.g. new fund name, adding or removing trustees, replacing individual trustees with a corporate trustee, etc.) must be properly documented to meet legislative, regulatory and audit requirements. We provide
  • Appropriate minutes, letters and consents
  • ATO and ASIC notifications as required
Pension commencement

Pension commutation and restart

Our documentation caters for Account Based, Transition to Retirement and Market Linked (Complying) pensions and includes
  • minimum/maximum pension calculations
  • all relevant letters and minutes
  • Pension Agreement; and
  • Centrelink Schedule

The provision of all necessary documents to convert an existing pension back to accumulation within the fund or to a lump sum payment.The full package for pensioners wishing to start a new pension based on their combined pension and accumulation balances.

Optional Hard Copy delivery We can provide any of the above services in paper copy.

How it works

Using the service

To start using the service, you will first need to create an account.

After your account has been created, you can choose from the range of Trustee Services and provide us with all relevant information via your Dashboard and our comprehensive application wizards.

You can request additional services at any time via your dashboard.

All service fees are payable by either Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) at the time of requesting service(s).

What you get

When you submit a request, we will send you:

  • A comprehensive and professional presented documentation kit
  • A clear set of instructions on how to properly execute your documents
  • To provide you with flexibility and choice, you can request to receive your documents electronically only or in both hardcopy and electronic formats

Dedicated in-house support will also be available to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Processing your request

You can monitor the status of your request by logging in to your dashboard.

If there is any additional information we require, we will specify this on your dashboard. You will receive notification of these ‘tasks’ via email.

How long it takes
The timeframe for delivery of documentation largely depends on the service requested. Indicative turnaround times for document preparation, where all required information is provided below:


Service Standard

Standalone company incorporation Within 2 working days
New fund establishments Within 1 – 3 working days
Urgent requests can generally be completed within 1 working day
Upgrades and restructures Within 2 working days
Borrowing arrangements Within 3 working days
Pension agreements Within 2 working days

Where hard copy documents are requested please allow an additional 2 – 3 days postage time.

Contact details

We are available to answer your questions about any of the Trustee Services between the hours of 9am to 5pm EST and can be contacted as follows:


1800 625 644


By Post:

PO Box 324

North Sydney NSW 2059

In Person:

Level 4, 295 Springvale Road

Glen Waverley VIC 3150

Fees & Charges



Fund establishment


Corporate trustee incorporation

(including ASIC fee)

Trust deed upgrade

$220 if upgrading from a Super Concepts Trust Deed

$330 if upgrading from an external Trust Deed

Fund Restructure

$110 for each change

SMSF Borrowing Arrangement – Property Only

Related Party Lender

Commercial Lender

SMSF Borrowing Arrangement – Non property

Please contact us

Pension commencement

Pension commutation and restart


$550 and $110 for each additional commutation

Optional Hard Copy delivery

$50 per service

Fees current as at 13 November 2015 and is subject to change

Get Started

To use one or more of our Trustee Services, you will first need to create an account by selecting from the options under Get Started based on whether establishing an SMSF or requesting a service for an existing fund.

If you already have an account and log in, please Log in to request a service.